Tryanuary joins forces with The Benevolent

Beer championing campaign Tryanuary has partnered up with trade charity The Benevolent, to help gain support to people within the UK drinks industry and their families.

Tryanuary’s annual campaign sees volunteers from across Great Britain collaborating to promote responsible drinking in our local pubs and bars. Initially created as a response to campaigns asking for abstinence over the month of January, Tryanuary is now a yearly phenomenon, encouraging special pub-based events and festivals to help boost pubs’ profiles in one of the toughest months of the drinks industry year.

Each year, Tryanuary works with a chosen charity. In 2019, Tryanuary is pleased to announce The Benevolent as our charity partner for January’s campaign. The Benevolent is the trade charity that provides help and support to current and former employees of the UK drinks industry and their families. They offer the practical, financial and emotional support needed to get people back on their feet when facing life’s challenges such as serious illness, disability, issues with debt or a family crisis.

Tryanuary hope to be able to give a little back to this charity that has given so much to the industry. Local Tryanuary campaign organisers across the UK have already lined up a series of events and activities with part of the proceeds going to our charity partner including:

  • Edinburgh: Collaboration Tryanuary beers will be brewed and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Benevolent.

  • London: January’s London Brewers Market will see breweries taking part donating either a fixed fee or a donation of their take to The Benevolent.

You can also support the Benevolent and the Tryanuary campaign at the same time by organising a sponsored Tryanuary Tasting or Bottle Swap at home, in your local pub or in your local brewery tap room. It's a great way to try some new to you local brews and raise money for a good cause - we've put together a kit with everything you need on our website - visit for more information.

Everyone in the country can also take part in our Big Beery Quiz Round. In exchange for a donation, we will supply your local pub, tap room or bar a special beer themed quiz round with questions donated by top beer bloggers and historians including Boak & Bailey and Des De Moor. Either use the questions in your own quiz, or ask your local pub quiz master if they can include an extra round in January.

How to get involved:

Tryanuary on Twitter:
Use the hashtag: #tryanuary

Tryanuary on Instagram:

There’s still time to become a Tryanuary volunteer. Visit to sign up.

For direct comments or more information, please contact Tryanuary’s Press Officer Katie Taylor by email:

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