Jan 31 - Electric Bear

Edison - 4.8%
Electric Bear Brewing

About the Brewery
Electric Bear Brewing Co. was born out of a love for creating great tasting, finely crafted artisan beers. An experienced, award-winning team make distinctive and delicious beers for beer-lovers of all sorts, from hop-head craft beer aficionados to real-ale cask beer drinkers. This new brewery is based in the heart of Bath, and incorporates a brewery taproom and shop to try and buy beers fresh from the source.

Tasting Notes
Straw colour with classic Pilsner nose and hints of banana. Clean floral, grassy with citrus notes to taste; dry and refreshing.

Currently local to Bath and Bristol, including Independent Spirit of Bath, The Tasting Rooms, Bath, Great Western Wine, Bath.

Electric Bear's charity donation was to Dorothy House. 

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Mike Hampshire