Jan 24 - Tempest Brew Co

Unforgiven Red Rye - 5.4%
Tempest Brewing

About the Brewery
A tale of adventure, globe-trotting, hard-work, and passion. In their short history, they've made a name for ourselves as craft beer innovators in a sea of other breweries. They take inspiration from all over; from the local produce on the doorstep, to the fresh hops of New Zealand, to the craft beer pioneers of North America, to simply what they, as brewers, enjoy drinking.

Tasting Notes
On the palate, the flavours in this beer can at first be quite unexpected. Typically, when you think of a “smoked” beer you think big, bonfire, dark smoke; something heavy and bold. However Unforgiven gives off a smoke more akin to what you’d get from a meat smoker, or smoky bacon.
We blend rye with our beech smoked barley to give a great peppery spiciness and adds another dimension to the smoky aroma. It also lends a slight breadiness typical of rye, just enough to accentuate the body of the beer. The malt is the star of the show here, but the hops are always a blend of Western, spicy hops like Waimea.

Unforgiven is available at many bottle shops across the UK; pop in to check and support your local bottle shop!

Tempest Brewing's charity donation was to Cash For Kids. 

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Mike Hampshire