Jan 4 - Twisted Barrel Ale

The Saison From Another Place - 6.3%
Twisted Barrel Ale

About the Brewery
Twisted Barrel Ale exploded onto the Coventry beer scene on 29th March 2014. After months of hard work developing a small selection of beers that would appeal to Coventry's patrons thirsting for our unique mix of modern and classical styles and methods we launched our beers at Coventry's number 1 bottle bar, Inspire, and it was a huge success. Originally brewing on a 60 litre kit, we described ourselves as 'the UK's first Pico-brewery'. At the time we were the smallest commercial brewery in the UK, although we are aware of many more that have sprung up in the months since our launch.

Tasting Notes
A spicy, floral saison, in which the natural Belgian yeast esters marry perfectly with the additions of dried elderflower and pink and black peppercorns. This is a light, slightly sweet, dry saison with an intense floral aroma and spicy finish. This version is Twisted Barrel's classic recipe, but they will be experimenting with seasonal variations of the recipe throughout 2016, switching the elderflower and peppercorns for in-season ingredients.

AvailabilityDraft - Direct from our Tap House at FarGo Village (Coventry)
Bars - Inspire (Coventry), Cherry Reds (Birmingham)
Off licences - Cotteridge Wines, Stirchley Wines (Birmingham), Beer Gonzo (Coventry), The Offie (Leicester), Favourite Beers (Cheltenham), Beer Revolution (Hay on Wye), Rayneville Superstore (Leeds), Rugby Tap (Rugby), Warwick Real Ale (Warwick)
Online - www.beergonzo.co.uk
Trade - Beer Direct, Inn Express

Twisted Barrel Ale's charity donation was to Animal Aid.

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Mike Hampshire