Tryanuary Beer Days

New for the campaign in 2018 were the introduction of Beer Days.

The list was based on the location of our volunteers, each of whom took over our social channels for the day, celebrating everything that's brilliant about beer in their area.

Monday 1st Sussex
Tuesday 2nd Northumberland, County Durham
Wednesday 3rd Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire
Thursday 4th Suffolk
Friday 5th London
Saturday 6th Leeds, Bradford & West Yorkshire
Sunday 7th Hampshire, Dorset & Guernsey
Monday 8th Glasgow
Tuesday 9th Edinburgh
Wednesday 10th North Wales
Thursday 11th South Yorkshire
Friday 12th South Wales
Saturday 13th Birmingham, the West Midlands, Warwickshire
Sunday 14th Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire
Monday 15th North & East Yorkshire
Tuesday 16th Devon & Cornwall
Wednesday 17th Worcestershire, Herefordshire
Thursday 18th Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire
Friday 19th Tyne & Wear
Saturday 20th Greater Manchester
Sunday 21st Norwich & Norfolk
Monday 22nd Derbyshire
Tuesday 23rd Cheshire and Merseyside
Wednesday 24th Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire
Thursday 25th Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire
Friday 26th Essex
Saturday 27th Lancashire
Sunday 28th Cumbria & the Isle of Man
Monday 29th Ireland
Tuesday 30th Staffordshire
Wednesday 31st Kent