Q&A with Aleyard Brewery

Graeme Reece
Aleyard Brewery

Please introduce yourself and your brewery...
Hi, I'm Graeme and I run Aleyard brewery. I produce a range of bottle conditioned beers, using all British malts and hops.

Where do you brew from and what is your set up?
The brewery is located in some converted farm buildings, in Riddlesworth, Norfolk. The kit comprises various stainless vessels, adapted by me. It is approximately 2.5 barrels (or 410 litres) in capacity.

What was your path into the world of brewing?
I started off making cider, then drifted into beer. I spent some time as an amateur, before taking the Brewlab Introduction to Brewing course. Followed this with a bit of commercial experience, before deciding to go solo.

Where do you see your brewery in three years time?
Hopefully growing into something a little larger.

What’s the single biggest challenge facing the UK independent beer market?
Getting into retail spaces and convincing very conservative retailers to try something that isn't a mainstream, well known brand.

What was the first beer which altered your perception of beer?
It was a small Welsh brewpub, now sadly gone, which produced a brilliant 4 or 4.5% beer called something like Captain Morgan.

What beer do you wished you had brewed?
The one that gets me CBOB!

What's your desert island beer?
Currently, it has to be a toss-up between two of my own: Harald or Hit for Six.

Describe your brewery in six words...
Small, basic, frustrating, fantastic, surprising, mine.

Mike Hampshire