Q&A with Bison Brewhouse

Jack Cregan
Bison Brewhouse

Please introduce yourself and your brewery...
Bison Beer opened a bottle shop in Brighton in March 2015 and is owned by Jack & Nick who went to university together and lived above an off-licence. The crafthouse was the first to offer growlers to the town and saw immediate success with over 1000 of the glass flagons flying in and out of the store during the summer. Now they've brewed their own beer, Beast Street IPA, which is a hop heavy 5% IPA that pulls no punches. The artwork was produced by local design studio See Creatures and celebrates the very street the shop is located on, East Street.

Where do you brew from and what is your set up?
The brewery is based in Sussex, located on the outskirts of Horsham. 10bbl, 4000 hectolitres producing keg and can.

What was your path into the world of brewing?
Drinking beer and loving the artwork.

What was the first beer which altered your perception of beer?
Wiper & True, Autobahn

What beer do you wished you had brewed?
Beavertown, Bloody 'Ell

What do you drink when you're not drinking your own beers?
At the moment something dark and strong, probably brewed in one of the 60 plus microbreweries in Sussex.

What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve ever put in a beer?
Authentic Indian curry leaves, complimented with kaffir lime and lemongrass.

What's your desert island beer?
Bison Beer, See Side APA

Describe your brewery in six words.
Passionate, Inclusive, Innovative, Adventurous, Ambitious, Community.

Mike Hampshire