Get involved with Tryanuary

There are loads of ways that you can get yourself or your business involved with Tryanuary:

— Spread the word about the campaign on social media using the hashtag #Tryanuary
— Get to the pub in January!
— Get to some of our amazing events throughout the month
— Enter our charity raffle – loads of prizes to be won!
— Reach out to your nearest Local Champion to tell them about other events
— Shout about the beer in your area on social media on your Beer Day
— Drink along on the day with beers from these suggested breweries
— Stock beers from breweries in our featured areas
— Use our Tryanuary social media banners
— Download and print our posters
— If you don't have a Local Champion, tell us about your events here
— Donate to our chosen charity (help us raise £2,000 for EACH)
— Submit a Tryanuary special offer
— Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

If your area isn't represented as a Beer Day (because it doesn't have a volunteer) let us know and we'll do our best to include it. At this late stage though, we can't guarantee it.