The history of Tryanuary

Founded in January 2015, Tryanuary was the industry of one man for three years; the man on the bike and people’s champion, Sir Andy Heggs.  

Andy did an admirable job, single-handedly providing the stimulus for a movement to support a nation of fantastic, hard-working, independent businesses.

Keen to return to a life of less stress, in November 2017, Andy passed on the baton… to me. To us (you!).

Within a fortnight of announcing that this incredible campaign had come under the wing of Craft Beer Hour, our team had scaled to nearly 100 volunteers, spread out across UK and Ireland. That army of Local Champions went on to help the 2018 campaign be felt more locally than ever before. 

Tryanuary 2019 is coming and it'll be the campaign's 5th year – so help us make it the best yet!