Social Media Policy

This policy provides a framework for using social media on behalf of the Tryanuary campaign. The policy applies to all volunteer activity including on national, regional and personal accounts.

Consider others at all times

With every word you write, you are representing the entire Tryanuary campaign. Therefore be respectful and polite and do not use hateful, provocative or defamatory language.

Use the correct hashtag

Our hashtag is #Tryanuary. This is not to be confused with #TryJanuary which is something different (long story). You don't have to use the hashtag on every single post, but please do use it regularly and creatively.

Check your grammar

Poor grammar reflects badly on the campaign. Please take the time to double-check your spelling and punctuation.

Use the team around you (on Slack)

Consult with the team before responding to any delicate or potentially confrontational posts. If in any doubt, just ask.
Also use the team for ideas. If you've got something you want to say, but aren't sure how to say it, feel free to drop a line to @Dani (our team copywriter).

Think about quality

Only share imagery in your feeds that are high quality and highly relevant. Do not share blurry or out of focus photos. Do not create your own graphics using our logo. We have a professional designer on the team – please utilise him.

Give credit where credit is due

Do not share someone else’s photo, video or other media without their permission. If you are using another party’s content, make certain they are credited for it in your post.

Correct your mistakes

When you make an error in a post, create an update to correct it. Don’t be afraid to delete and start again.

Be consistent with your formatting

Do not post in all capitals. Feel free to use emoticons, but sparsely.

Ask for help at any time

Whether it’s something to talk about in confidence or something to tackle collectively, we have a fantastic team on hand, so please ask for help at any time. Reach out on Slack or if it’s urgent, call Mike.

When in doubt, do not post

You are responsible for your actions. We encourage you to get online and have fun but use sound judgment and common sense.

Be proud that the campaign is run entirely by volunteers.