Sponsor Tryanuary



For the first time in Tryanuary's five year history, we are looking for sponsors to help enable the campaign to sustain its formidable growth.

Our website & hashtag in figures

Activity on this website

November 1st – January 31st 2018

• Users who initiated at least one Session*: 9,215
• The total number of Sessions: 14,255
•The total number of pages viewed: 18,628

*A Session is the period of time a User was active on our website

January only

• Users who initiated at least one Session: 6,391
• The total number of Sessions: 8,731
•The total number of pages viewed: 9,132

The hashtag (#Tryanuary) on Twitter 

January 2018

• Total number of Tweets and Retweets: 35,945
•  Number of original Tweets (excluding Retweets): 14,651
•  Potential number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag: 17,349,047
•  Number of users that tweeted the hashtag: 8,629
• Average follower per contributor: 2,010

Sponsor a tile today

Tiles cost £100 each and £20 of every tile sold will be donated to charity.

Important information:

• Tiles will go live within 24 hours of cleared online payment via Stripe.
• Tiles will remain active on the website until at least 8th February 2019.
• Each sponsor will receive a dedicated "Thank you" post on social media.
• We will require a transparent PNG of your logo, or high res JPEG.
• Sponsors choose where the tile externally links to.
• There will be 40 tiles available, displayed in a grid format on this page.
• Tiles will be limited to one per sponsor.