Volunteer for Tryanuary 2018

UPDATE: Friday 29th December 2017

We have now closed applications for volunteers.

If your area isn't represented as a Beer Day (because it doesn't have a volunteer) let us know and we'll do our best to include it. At this late stage though, we can't guarantee it.

Previous information about applying to be a volunteer ⇩

So that Tryanuary fairly represents this nation of great beers and its providers, we are looking for area champions.  Areas we particularly need volunteers for include: 

Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, North London, West London, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Lincolnshire, Wiltshire, Scotland and Ireland.

What is the role of the volunteer?

– You need to be an advocate of beer in your area.
– You need to be proactive in engaging with local businesses and encouraging them to take part.
– You need to be active on social media daily, able to collate information and share it concisely and accurately. 
– If you can help encourage (and attend) some local events, even better.

What tools will you be given?

Those who want to can help us with on our Facebook page and Instagram. 

For Twitter, you will be expected to use your personal account, with regular support from our main @Tryanuary profile. 

What will you get in return?

An immense sense of satisfaction, we hope! There are loads of things we’d love to offer in return, but it all depends on the support we get from businesses who want to take part.

Can a business be a 'volunteer' for a region? 

Yes of course. But please remember you will still need to widely promote the participation of other businesses in your region. A great way to create a local network though!