Volunteer for
Tryanuary 2019

Are you fanatical about fantastic beer in your area?

Now is your opportunity to tell the whole country about it! Tryanuary is going to be five years old and 2019 is going to be the biggest, most exciting yet. But it can't happen without your help! So please volunteer – we have a number of exciting roles as detailed below.

Local Champions

Our champions carry the Tryanuary flag. Without Local Champions, we don’t have a campaign!

How much you contribute to being a Local Champion is up to you.  Whether your input is small or extensive, it will add value to the campaign.

As a Local Champion, you’ll galvanise local businesses to participate in the campaign by:

  • Inspiring them to organise special events

  • Encouraging breweries to brew special beers

  • Embracing the hashtag #Tryanuary on social media

  • Spreading the word and raising money for our chosen charity

You'll work closely with your Regional Coordinator who will support your efforts, ensuring they are used most productively.


Regional Coordinators

As a coordinator, you will be responsible for harnessing the time and energy from our Local Champions, ensuring the campaign message is spread far and wide.

The role:

  • Recruitment and co-ordination of Local Champions for a given county

  • First point of contact for Local Champions

  • Day to day management of a Regional Twitter (or Facebook) account

  • Keeping event listings on the website up to date

  • Spokesperson for local media. E.g. Television, radio, online and in print

  • Coordinate social media activity across all platforms on the region's dedicated Beer Day

  • Help communicate our fundraising drive


First Responders

First Responders form part of a close-knit team of volunteers who oversee the day to day running of the campaign. 

You will need to:

  • Be enthusiastic about Tryanuary and have a good knowledge of the 2018 campaign

  • Be a spokesperson for the overall campaign

  • Post to our frontline social media channels, ensuring our campaign messages remain strong and consistent

  • Monitor all forms of campaign communication to ensure it is being represented by our volunteers in accordance with our brand and campaign guidelines

  • Be able to respond to any situations that may need a swift decision or immediate action

  • Use Slack (a free group messaging tool) to communicate with the different teams

  • Be available from now until to the end of January*

  • Available to liaise with the group most days*

*Please note that we don’t expect our volunteers to be available 24/7. This is by no means a full-time position …unless you want it to be!


If you feel you can be an asset to our team, but your area of expertise doesn’t fit within any of these roles, please get in touch for a chat. Reach us on hello@tryanuary.com.